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Synthroid is the most commonly used hormone drug in clinical practice. In most cases Synthroid is used for hormone replacement therapy in the treatment of hypothyroidism, usually for a lifetime. The drug is also used to treat thyrotoxicosis in combination with antithyroid agents.

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Synthroid is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach, as its bioavailability increases. When administered orally, levothyroxine sodium, the active component of the drug, is absorbed in the upper small intestine, up to 80% of the dose. The maximum concentration is reached within 5-6 hours.

The half-life of the drug lasts six to seven days, which allows you to take it once a day. With thyrotoxicosis, the half-life is reduced to four days; with hypothyroidism, on the contrary, it increases to ten.

A randomized, double-blind, cross-sectional study involving 105 patients showed that evening reception of levothyroxine sodium compared with morning treatment leads to a more significant decrease in thyroid stimulating hormone levels. At the same time, a change in the treatment regimen did not affect the plasma lipid level and the quality of life of patients.

The dosage of Synthroid depends on body weight, age, and the presence of cardiovascular complications. There is a myth that replacement therapy should begin with small doses of the drug with its gradual increase. However, starting treatment with the full dose of Synthroid, which calculated according to body weight (1.6 mcg/day), is more effective and safe.

Effects of thyroid stimulating hormone can be observed during the treatment with Synthroid and, of course, they can be adverse, but only in two cases: excessive or insufficient dose. In case of overdose, the patient may develop medical thyrotoxicosis and complications associated with it. With an insufficient dose of the drug, hypothyroidism and other related side effects may occur.

Thus, in situations where the patient did not let either an overdose or a dose deficiency to appear, it is unlikely to expect any adverse reactions.